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Microsoft Excel Training
& Power BI Training

Learn from a specialist in Excel and Power BI. 

Excel training enables you to learn tips and techniques which enable your spreadsheets to work for you.   You can build complex spreadsheets and develop a skill set that will transform your working life.

For more complex solutions, you can have bespoke spreadsheets and dashboards  built for you.  All bespoke solutions are provided with free training. 

We deliver the following courses


  • How to speed up your Excel work
  • Functions and formulaes
  • Learn to love Excel

Intermediate Excel

  • Tables, Conditional Formatting, VLookUP, Index and Match.
  • Be an Excel genius

Advanced Excel

  • PowerQuery and PowerPivot

The most powerful Excel tools that will revolutionise your spreadsheets

Building a Dashboard with Excel

  • Understand and visualise your KPIs with ease.

Excel - For Business Finance

Create key business tools such as budget sheets, cashflow forecasts and tendering tools.

Excel - Bespoke Spreadsheet Design

You want it, we can do it.  Excel can give you so many insights into your business data.  Can you afford not to use it fully?

Excel Learning Path


How to make the most of Exel using functions, formulae and graphs

Intermediate Excel

Use the power of tables and pivot tables to visualise and drill down into your data

Advanced Excel

Use Powerpivot and Power Query to unleash the power of Excel

Dashboards in Excel

Create a dashboard with Excel using Pivot tools and Pivot Charts

Bespoke Courses

Excel for small Businesses

Use excel to create a cashflow, profit and loss account, tender document and budget


Bespoke Courses can be written and tailored for specific requirements

Microsoft PowerBi

September / November 2019
A one day course taking you from zero to hero in Microsoft PowerBi

Excel - How to speed up your Excel work

This course is designed for those who wish to gain and build on the necessary skills to create, edit, format and print Excel worksheets.

You will work with functions, design your own formulaes, build charts and learn a whole host of shortcuts. Guaranteed to improve speed of work, give you confidence and boost your skill level.

This course give you the ability to move into the Intermediate Excel course.

Eventbrite - Microsoft Excel - unharness the power with the number one Business Tool

Intermediate Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for managing, extracting and analysing data in today's working environment.

You will gain the knowledge and skills to work with Excel Lists and Tables. You will be able to sort and filter data efficiently using slicers and timelines. Conditional formatting will enable you to visualise key metrics within your data. We will also cover some of the more complex formulae giving you the ability to unleash your inner wizard.

This course gives an insight into using Pivot Tables leading onto Advanced Excel.

Eventbrite - Intermediate Microsoft Excel - unharness the power with the number one Business Tool

Advanced Excel

The amount of data that we are using is increasing at a phenomenal rate. To be able to harness this data to give us insights into our business, makes the key difference in a competitive world.

You will be able to use amazing new Excel technology (Power Query) to work with data from many different sources.

You will learn how to create a data foundation to grow your business. You will learn how to create a spreadsheet that remembers all of your changes every time you have updated data.

This will enable you to have a serious competitive advantage using the most up-to-date technology.

This course leads into Building a Dashboard with Excel

Eventbrite - Microsoft Excel - Advanced

Building a Dashboard with Excel

Interactive dashboards with simple tools facilitate decision-making, reporting, communication and data engagement in your business.

This workshop is essential for all business owners or managers who want to visualise Key Performance Indicators and other strategic data at a glance.

The ability to understand your business situation and make decisions with confidence, is invaluable.

Dashboards that can be refreshed and give insights on what you want, are within your grasp.

Eventbrite - Building a dashboard with Excel

Excel for Business

This course enables business owners to create key business spreadsheets that can be adapted to your needs.

You will be able to produce a cashflow, a budget, a tendering spreadsheet and a profit and loss statement.

Spend your time on your business, not on grappling with spreadsheets. Guaranteed to save you time and increase efficiency.

Eventbrite - Excel for Business Finance – Use excel to create business spreadsheets

Bespoke Training

We also offer bespoke Excel courses tailored to your specific business need.

We come to you and help you work on your spreadsheets in your environment.

No travel, no fuss and all learning is relevant and applicable to you.

As part of the package we offer a follow on service where we can support you 

Spend your time on your business, not on grappling with spreadsheets.

Guaranteed to save you time and increase efficiency.


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