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Should I buy Microsoft Office 365 or buy Excel 2019?

There are two ways to purchase Microsoft Excel.  You can occur a one off purchase (a perpetual licence) of Office 2019 or you can choose to have a monthly subscription for Office 365. 

The one off purchase will enable you to buy Office 2019 and use it for however long you like.  However, it will only run on Windows 10 and receive 7 years of support from Microsoft.

The monthly subscription of Office 365 will give you new features, perpetual versions don’t.   Therefore if you don’t have the monthly subscription, you will not receive any of the new features. 

New features are continually being added and developed to increase the power of Excel.  This therefore enables business owners to be more productive.  The new data types can pull in data from online sources, eg, stock prices and geographical data.  There are more types to be added in the future.  I’ll be showing how to do this in the next post.

Excel meets Machine Learning is coming to us soon as part of Office 365.  Excel will be using Quick Insights to take your existing data set and will show you patterns, outliers and other insights without any charting required.  It sounds amazing.

And that’s just the Excel updates. Don’t forget Word, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. also got updates.

Excel are working hard to ensure that smaller businesses can be competitive and use the visualisation and analysis tools that have only been affordable to the larger businesses.  

Add Power BI to your mix, and the world of Business Intelligence is at your fingertips.

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