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Microsoft Power Bi Dashboard – a sales dashboard example

So if you know me, you’ll know much I value and enjoy working with Excel, R, Python and Shiny.  I love data and the power that it gives you to find out what is happening with your business.  Therefore you may be surprised to learn that my allegiance is under threat….

Microsoft Power BI is awesome.  It builds on the powerquery part of Excel which enables you to integrate data from all sources you can think of.  You can then create the most powerful visualisations to enable numbers to become even more magical. 

My favourite at the moment is the map that allows you to plot location and sales of transactional data. 

Instead of having a normal column chart with location on the bottom and sales on the vertical axis, you have a map of the place with circles indicating sales.  The bigger the Sales, the bigger circles.

Have a look and see what you think…….

You can look at individual states and you’ll notice that all the graphics change to show the detail by State.  You can toggle on any section in any chart and this will enable you to use this as a filter for all the over Charts.  

What makes this particularly powerful is that Power Bi uses PowerQuery in the same way as Excel.  This enables you to import in and connect data from different datasources such as Google Analytics, Xero, Sage, R and any csv file together with a whole host of APIs.

The majority of businesses I talk to, don’t struggle with capturing data, it’s the ability to use that data to drive growth. 


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