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Microsoft Power Bi Dashboard – a report on Facebook Usage

So 21 Power BI MVPs bring out a book each contributing a chapter on different tips and techniques for using Power BI.  The first chapter is how to use BI to analyse Facebook data and it seems rude not to have a play.   


I knew I was using Facebook a lot less, but having the data transformed into this dashboard gives me the information in one page.  The amount I post and that I use Facebook has dramatically declined.  What I particularly liked  though was being able to track some of my travels and the photos that I posted whilst away.  I hadn’t realised quite how far I’d travelled and this has dashboard has made me smile thinking of the adventures whilst travelling.


I’m continually amazed by the way that Power BI is evolving and how you can extract data from a variety of different sources.   You can then combine the different reports to give one dashboard that can give an oversight into a specific business question or need.

There are another 20 chapters to go, and I’m really looking forward to learning more.  For more details on how to buy the book MVP Power BI Tips and Techniques.

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