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Microsoft Power BI – a quick way to ensure your client is happy with their dashboard

Client Satisfaction is critical to ensure that your dashboard works.  I came across a genius idea whilst working through a masterclass in Power BI with the brilliant Chandoo which was very kindly hosted by Plum Solutions.


The genius idea…. use a power point template to structure your dashboard.  Why is this genius?  It means that both you and your client have a very clear set of guidelines to work through which helps to ensure success at the end.

By clarifying at the beginning the design, both sides know exactly what they are working towards and helps you as the designer to structure your dashboard.


You can then use the wireframe as the background picture for your dashboard.  Perfect.

Why training matters

Two other skills that I learnt from this Masterclass were how to use conditional formatting on your data labels…. to make the negative columns red and the positive columns green.    This instantly gives a really clear insight into where this business didn’t achieve their targets. 


You can then click on the red variance columns which instantly gives you the measures for that particularly period.

The second skill for me was how to embed images into Power BI.  Within the dashboard, if you click on the managers photo the dashboard subsets all of the data for that particular manager.  


Attending training courses, whether it is online or as part of a structured training session, is a key way to learn.  With todays society, it is critical to stay ahead with your skill base and knowledge.

Microsoft Excel


This dashboard is fully interactive.  Have a look and see what you think.  The skills that I have learnt to do this, all started with Microsoft Excel.


If you can understand how Microsoft Excel is structured it’s the first step to beginning to create your own dashboards.  I run my own Excel training courses, both for individuals and for businesses.


I would suggest that Microsoft Excel skills are amongst the most highly required skills in todays business.  After all, who doesn’t use spreadsheets within their business?


If you want to make Excel work harder for you, I would love to hear from you.

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