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Microsoft Excel – shortcut to create a Table

Excel Tables are awesome but so easily overlooked.  

Place your mouse anywhere in your data and click.  You can use the  Control and T key pressed together to select a range of data, this will then convert it to a table.  Have a look at my clip below.  

Once your data is converted to a table, you can sort each column and filter columns.  This will also show you the groups of data within each column.

You can then use the totals buttons at the end to show the sum of a column or average, for example.  This is just a small insight in how to use Excel to help you understand what is happening with your data.

If you have a range of data or export csv files from different software apps, this will save you hours of time. 

Have a look at this short clip, 3 mins, and see if you can make life easier for yourself.

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