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Microsoft Excel – KPIs

As a Microsoft Excel Trainer and PowerBI developer I have to stay current.  Fortunately for me, I love to learn and then share my knowledge with my customers.  There is a real joy in teaching Excel and seeing the lightbulb moment occur, usually within minutes and usually several times!


I’m following a Udemy course with Kyle Pew who is an excellent instructor because I think you can always learn new tricks. Kyle created a KPI from powerpivot and gave me my own lightbulb moment.  Have a look at my clip below if you’re interested in how to build a KPI.

Whilst I appreciate this isn’t a training video in how to do this, it’s more of a tip for those users who use in PowerPivot, it does highlight a couple of points.


Excel isn’t just a calculator, it is an amazingly advanced tool which is continually developing.  This tool is owned by most businesses who probably touch 5% of it.


To understand how to best utilise this tool and therefore perform better as a business or as an Excel user there needs to be some time allocated in professional development.  


To learn increases motivation and genuinely makes you feel good.  Excel skills make you more efficient, more knowledgeable and more employable.  Take some time to become better at what you do and harness the power of data to drive your business forward.

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