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Sue Bayes

I’m a Microsoft Excel trainer and Data Analyst who loves training, data and new technology.

I specialise in providing solutions using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerBI, R and Python.  18 months ago I established my freelance business  after spending 14 years delivering Computing and Business training.

IT is designed to empower individuals and businesses to make their life simpler. With the growing applications and software we use in our daily lives, the ability to understand and utilise this software is essential.  Excel is used by almost every business and is the one key skill that every employer wants.

This is only going to grow as the ability of Excel grows.  New features are being added monthly as Microsoft pour energy and resources into ensuring that Excel remains the one key business tool you can’t live without.

For me, facilitating the ‘lightbulb moment’, the moment when individuals realise that this is how you can make this software work for you, is priceless.  I can guarantee you, that one session with me will save you that same time within a week.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or on Twitter @sue_bayes

I listen to what you want and need from me ....

Communication is critical, before I can help and give a solution, I need to understand what would help you.  My belief is that IT should help us, not hinder us and life should be fun, exciting and challenging.  I totally enjoy working with people to aide their business growth.

Excel is continually evolving to meet business demand and has many powerful features to enable data manipulation and visualisations.  Power Query and Power Pivot, together with Pivot Tables and Charts are the newest technology to be introduced by Microsoft.

Excel is continually be upgraded with new and improved features which ensures that my passion for learning is essential.

I have all of the Microsoft Office Specialist qualifications in Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook.

This is Microsofts answer to Business Intelligence and it is awesome.  Have a look at this post to see what you can do with it.  I will be providing training courses for this during the later part of the year.

I can program in Python, R, SQL and have created dashboards in Shiny.  The ability to pull in data from almost any software application and interrogate it has fascinated me.

This logical process is so helpful when problem solving for business challenges.  

I have been teaching Computing and Business for 14 years within mainly Further Education throughout Devon and Cornwall.  This has honed my communication skills to enable my students to learn.  I have received several Grade One Observations and awards for my teaching ability.


Running my own small business has made me very aware of the challenges that are faced in todays world.  Time management and speed is critical when managing a business.  This is where my specialism in Excel and programming skills has made me very SMART in my working strategies.

All of these skills are passed on during training sessions. 

What our customers think

Sue has enabled us to understand the profitability of each product which helped to make business decisions with confidence.
Sue is by far one of the best trainers I have ever met. Sue is great at jargon busting, takes the time to explain what we are doing and why we are doing it and approaches each task with a very methodical approach. I can’t recommend her enough.
Sue is a great communicator with a passion for data analytics and visualisation. She listens carefully and works with you to build a solution meeting your requirements.

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